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#1 Passion Upgrades LIFE

Before we decided to PAUSE TIME, we both viewed photography only as a mean to record memories of family holidays, days out and silly things that our kids do.

It's all changed after using digital SLR's for a good few years and passion to photography started growing. Next step was gaining knowledge of photography, Different techniques and a lot of experimenting.

The best motivation was and still is a good compliment, constructive criticism and feedback. Not just with photographers, but for anyone.

Compliments are addictive – when you start getting them, you want more. Accepting criticism we end up working harder and harder.

There is so much to learn and explore in our very short lifetimes. We are taking advantage of learning and exploring photography every single day.

The feeling when we prepare our camera's and gear for our next adventure is always unreal. And it doesn't matter if we are going to shoot a wedding, family portraits, event or your special occasion we are always excited.

This is our journey an we want to share our photographs and passion with you.

#Passion upgrades life

When you find that thing you love to do with all your heart, every day feels like a gift. If you haven’t found your passion, make it your mission to find it. The joy it brings spills over into all aspects of your life.

And don’t forget to HAVE FUN and love what you do.

All of you have a story and we can PAUSE it!


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